The McCabe’s Design Team understands that Pinterest and Houzz are not the right fit for all customers to share their visual design preferences. In order to get you the most personalized design product possible, even without that information, we need you to answer some questions. Some of these may seem strange or trivial, but every customer and home is different, and we want to suggest the right design elements for you the first time.

Please review the following questions and landscape choices and email your preferences to us so that we can schedule your design presentation. Thank you for your time!

Color Selections

Cool, simple colors: green, silver, purple, blue, white
Bright, zesty colors: green, yellow, red, orange, purple
Soft, soothing colors: green, silver, pink, peach, purple, white
A mix of colors: green, silver, red, orange, yellow, purple, and splashes of white
Other: Please describe

Specialty Preferences

Low bees
Butterflies or Hummingbirds
Edibles (Fruit Trees, Herbs, Etc.)
Cut flowers
Family friendly (kids & dogs)
Saltwater pool resistant

Landscape Styles

The following are landscape style choices that grow successfully in our climate. Please look at both planting and hardscape elements (boulders, concrete, bridges, and so on). You’re more than welcome to like or choose more than one style. Please just let us know why a particular style (or combination) appeals to you. We are happy to blend more than one style to create something that is uniquely yours.


Green, silver, red, yellow, orange, purple, grasses and succulents, architectural style plants


Green, black, smooth pebbles, clean wood accents, bridges, traditional trees, little color


Green, Silver, White, Purple, Pink, Peach, Blue, Soft textures, Many layers, Loose style


Green, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Olives, Grapes, Grasses, Roses, Formal or Soft


Green, Blue, White, Black smooth stones, Clean lines, Geometric shapes, Accents and focal points


Green, Large Leaves, Shiny Foliage, Yellow, Red, Orange, Bamboo accents, Water features

Wine Country

Silvers, Greens, Purples, Whites, Grasses, Grapes, Stone Work, Rustic finishing touches

Farmhouse / Shabby Chic

Green, Silver, Purple, White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Pops of Color, Rustic accents, Edibles