The Creative Design Process

The steps toward building your personal paradise:

Step 1: Initial Site Visit

Call to schedule an appointment for a representative to visit the property and discuss the project.

Step 2: Nursery Tour

Call to schedule a tour of the nursery. This helps us to identify your style and plant preferences and allow us to create custom designs.

Step 3: Designs Created and Presented

About a week after the nursery tour is completed, we contact you to schedule a computerized design presentation in our office at the nursery.

Step 4: Plan and Estimate

Within a few days of the design presentation, we schedule a plan and estimate presentation. Here we finalize the details of the project and customize the estimate to fit your budget.

Step 5: Execution

Once your estimate is finalized and approved we add your project to the construction calendar and the rest, as they say, is history!

Call us at 951.694.5384 to start your free estimate or fill out our contact form.