spring bulbs

Now that the weather is cooling off, spring and your favorite flowers might seem a long way off. However, the lushest and beautiful spring gardens are actually planned in the fall. Setting out spring bulbs for next year’s blooms might be the perfect family project, as it teaches kids about plant growth cycles. As a…

lettuce in the garden

Now that summer has come to an end, and you’ve established your fall garden, what else is left to do? This October gardening checklist should help get you on your way! You could certainly rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor (perhaps literally), or you could get a jump start on preparations for spring….

Fall color

For many of us, our minds associate Fall with hayrides, pumpkin patches, cooler weather, and glorious fall color. But as we know here in Southern California, many of those associations are in our minds! Most of the more dramatic changes that occur along with Autumn will happen on the East Coast and in the North….

compost bin of fall leaves

Fall is only just beginning, and spring seems a long way off. So, you’re probably not thinking too much about spring planting! But, we have found that gardeners who tackle these three fall garden tasks find themselves much happier in the spring! In exchange for a little extra work now, you can save yourself hours…